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Re-Visioning Patriarchy Through the Lens of Homer’s Odyssey — published in Mythological Studies Journal, 2012


The Necessary Destructive Function of an Anxious Ego


Why Is There So Much Trauma in This World? -- published in

Soul-Making and the Colorado Shooting: James Holmes as the Joker, Trickster, Savior — published in Mythological Studies Journal, 2014

Rediscovering The Neglected Myth of the Hebrew Republic — published in Immanence Journal, Fall 2017, Rulers and Rebels issue., Vol. 2, No. 1




Aeneas and Dido: Two Kinds of Suicide--Physical and Psychological

Fana and Pathologizing: Sufi Ego-Annihilation and James Hillman’s Idea of the Suffering Soul –published in “Depth Insights”, a semi-annual scholarly e-zine published by the Depth Psychology Alliance

Exiting and Re-entering the Mandala: A Comparison of Buddhist & Biblical Imagery for Soul-making — published in

A Soul-making Approach to Stages and States of Consciousness: A Comparison of the Eros/Psyche Myth With the Biblical Narrative — published in

Alchemy and Biblical Soul-making,

Satan and Evil in The Hebrew Bible With Some Depth Psychological Observations -- published

The Hymn to Demeter: The Roles of the Gods in Soul Making — published in

The Phenomenology of the Gospel: Depth Psychology and The Four Spiritual Laws Pamphlet 

James Hillman: Postmodern Romantic Reductionist, and Trickster, August 2013

Joseph Campbell's Misunderstanding of the Eden Myth

The Green Knight As Trickster: Soul is Made by Death and Sex

Caring Prayer versus Curing Prayer: Slow Down When You Pray

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