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Introduction to the Bible As Four Stages of Soul-making

The Soul's Code: Introduction to James Hillman's Book and Ideas

What is Soul-making?

Introduction to Archetypes and Archetypal Psychology

The Spiritual Message of The Matrix  (movie)

The Spiritual Message of The Truman Show (movie)

The Spiritual Message of The Beaver (movie)

The Relationship Between Sexuality and Spirituality

Who Is Jesus Christ?

The Archetype of the Apocalypse: The Book of Revelation

Exploration of Spirituality, Religion and Politics

Ernest Holmes and Neoplatonism: The Source of Science of Mind

Ernest Holmes and Carl Jung: The Yin and Yang of Spiritual Growth

The Four Stages of Psycho-spiritual Development

The Four Stages of Mystical Experience

Active Imagination: Dialogues with Archetypal Personifications

Caring Prayer versus Curing Prayer: Two Ways to Pray

Religion in America: History, Beliefs and Praxis

The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Community and the Philosophy

The Mystical Gospel of John

Introduction to Tutankhamun and Egyptian Mythology

Entering the Temple of the Refrigerator: Talking With the Food Gods

The Joy of Sects: An Introduction to the World’s Religions

Introduction to Native American Mythology

Introduction to Greek Mythology

Introduction to the Chinese Classic, The Tao Te Ching

Introduction to the Hindu Classic, The Bhagavad Gita

Introduction to the Islamic Qu’ran

How and Why the Bible Was Written

The Differences Between Islamic Sects: Sunnis and Shiites

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene: The Ascending Soul

Introduction to Ancient Gnosticism

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code: America Wakes Up to Gnosticism

The Jesus Journal: The Gospel of Thomas

The Positive Power of Negative Events: The Gospel of Judas

Introduction to the Theologies of the World

A History of the New Thought Movement

Active Imagination: The Rediscovery of Old Ideas

Introduction to the Work of James Hillman’s Archetypal Psychology

Cinema and Spirituality: Modern Psycho-spiritual Texts

The Spirituality of the Beatles

The Spirituality of Pink Floyd’s, The Wall

The Spirituality of Dr. Seuss

The Science of Change: James Prochaska and the Stages of Change

Writing a Conscious Intention Statement

Discovering and Developing Your Life Purpose

Masculine Spirituality: Putting the Pattern Back in Patriarchy

Gender Revolution: From Role Mates to Soul Mates as Seen in the The Eros/Psyche Myth

And many more

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