Seminar Presentation Descriptions

Michael Offers the Following Seminars and Workshops:

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HOW CHANGE WORKS: The Art and Science of Personal Transformation       Changing for Good: Six Stages of Change, which is currently being used by the National Cancer Institute and health organizations around the globe. In addition, we will incorporate insights from Depth Psychology and New Thought teachings. This class will move you closer to your goals in your personal transformational process.

READING THE BOOK OF REVELATION AS STAGES OF MYSTICAL DEVELOPMENT: How to Create and Intend Your Personal Vision       Modern science is proving every day that our thoughts are not only creative, but literally have an ability to connect us to external objects and draw them to us! British physicist Rupert Sheldrake and many others are collecting a growing body of evidence that mental intentions connect to and influence objects around us, including money, jobs and relationships. This workshop will give you four practical and useful tools to do the work of intention, literally bringing you the life your heart desires. You will also learn to dissolve old limiting images.

THE GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENE: Soul-making       Few people know that we now have the ancient Gospel of Mary Magdalene which dates back almost 2000 years! In this gospel, Mary gives a sermon to Peter and the other disciples about how to actually create your own eternal Soul by returning to the Source. These folks did not believe every person had a soul, but that this world was the matrix of making a soul, or dying like an animal. She teaches them how to move through fear, grief and confusion. Her lessons are especially helpful in our modern age which Carl Jung calls the ‘Age of Soul Loss’.

THE METAPHYSICS OF DR. SEUSS       Spiritual experiences are always mediated via the Realm of Imagination. Too often we think only the ‘ancient texts’ hold The Secrets to spiritual wisdom. Wrong! Who says you have to study complicated metaphysical or sacred tomes to connect to Spirit? Dr. Seuss is a modern master of psycho-spiritual wisdom. This seminar will help you: 1. Get unstuck from your mental ruts in the Prairie of Prax 2. Learn to live in your own skin like the Star-belly Sneetches 3. Discover the voices of intuition dwelling in your Jungle of Nool and Whoville.

READING THE BIBLE AS STAGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A Jungian Look at Scripture       Are you troubled by the differences in the God of the Bible – changing from wrathful and jealous to loving and forgiving? It appears that God actually changes, but it is human consciousness which shifts. The Bible is the story of each person’s psycho-spiritual development. It is not that God changes, but that human consciousness gradually evolves into a larger and more inclusive Divine awareness. This seminar will show you the Bible in a way you have never seen it before. We will remove the theological dogma and present the Bible as a classically inspired story of your own Soul’s awakening and evolution.

THE DARK SIDE OF GOD: How Does Chaos Fit Into the Spiritual Life?       So many churches have the word ‘peace’ in their songs, mission statements, Sunday bulletins, political ideologies, book titles, sermon titles, etc., and yet this ‘peace’ doesn’t seem to filter down to the board meetings or congregational wants and needs. This seminar looks at the normal and necessary role of chaos and disagreement as a step on the path to peace, and toward creating larger personal and communal souls. Just as the Genesis creation story and all mythologies have light and order coming from darkness and chaos, the human soul/psyche operates similarly. We will examine the Four Stages of Peaceful Community and offer some useful tools for peace of mind, body and organizations.

FROM ROLE MATES TO SOUL MATES: The Four Stages of Relationships       Male and female roles and relationships are in a time of unprecedented transformation. For millennia, people focused on basic survival; for the past 100 years, time and labor saving inventions have allowed humans to examine happiness and fulfillment in relationships. Most of us, men and women, are in a daze. At least half of all marriages fail and people from Mars to Venus are seeking solutions. Michael examines the ancient myth of Eros and Psyche for archetypal clues to the stages of relationships as we shift from mere role mates to soul mates.

THE JOY OF SECTS: A Practical Examination of the World’s Religions       The English poet John Keats suggested that the various religions of the world had soul-making in common. Keats was referring to life as an arena for passing through various stages and cycles of psycho-spiritual development in order to transform humanity into divinity. The World’s Religious systems and spiritualities provide many beneficial insights and practices to help us pass through these stages of life toward greater prosperity as we unite with the Divine. This class will also help us to understand the role of suffering as it relates to spirituality and prosperity, and we will explore the purpose of individual and collective existence.

THE WOMEN OF THE BIBLE: Notorious and Glorious Spiritual Women       Biblical women have been terribly neglected over the centuries. There are nearly 200 women in the Bible. Many of them are incredibly fascinating and crucial in understanding Hebrew spirituality and the personal psychology of Soul-Making. This seminar will examine 20 key female biblical characters, ranging from Eve to Mary Magdalene, showing how they are archetypal energies in each of us. Join us in the Soul-Making process!

THE MYSTICAL GOSPEL OF JOHN       John’s Gospel was known by the early Christians as the mystical gospel. It lends itself to metaphysical interpretations, taking the reader into the depths of the Universal Soul Itself. It was the most popular gospel of both Orthodox and Gnostic Christians. If you have considered Bible study as beneficial to only traditional Christians, this class will open your mind to a whole new side of the Bible!

THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS: Forgiveness Follows Receptivity       National Geographic published the ancient gnostic Gospel of Judas. This 1,700 year old text presents a Jesus who recognizes that even the painful betrayals and offenses of a best friend or lover are part of one’s destiny and the complex Soul-Making process. We must learn how to practice “in-giveness” before we will ever be able to genuinely “for-give”. In-giveness is taking “in” or receiving the gift or lesson from the circumstantial suffering brought to each of us in this life; then, and only then will we be able to release the painful offense and cleanse our minds of resentment. God is in All, the chaotic pain as much as the ‘good times’.

THE SPIRITUALITY OF THE BEATLES: The Gospel According to John, Paul, George and Ringo       Music and social commentators agree that no one influenced western spirituality and culture like the four young men from Liverpool, England in the 1960s. This is a visual and audio presentation that will allow you to experience the Beatles’ music and mythology in a way you never have. Learn when and why the songs were written, and what they mean for modern people who prefer spirituality over religion. We will see that the Beatles unconsciously present us with the universal four stages of spiritual growth found in all religions and mythologies.

WHY DID DAN BROWN’S DA VINCI CODE SELL 70 MILLION COPIES?: Gnostic Spirituality for the 21st Century       Dan Brown’s bestselling book opened the door to the ancient Gnostics. Who were they and what did they teach? What can they teach us about spirituality? This seminar will explore these questions, introducing you to some Gospels you have likely never read, including the fascinating Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Join Michael for an exploration of a spiritual view that many find appealing.

THE BOOK OF JOB: The Original Grief Observed       On July 13, 2008, I received word from the United States Army that my 25 year old son had been killed, along with eight other men, in the controversial Battle of Wanat, Afghanistan. I began a journey into the depths of darkness and grief, and yet every hellish second of it felt purposeful. This is the issue we find in Job’s story. We often either ignore or deny the role of suffering in many of our spiritual paradigms and metaphysical systems. The story of Job allows us to look at what some call The Dark Side of God.

Among a variety of tough topics, this seminar will ask: Is loss purposeful, and if so, what is the purpose? When certain New Age teachers say that “consciousness is cause,” or that “we create our own reality,” does it mean we are the authors of all of our suffering? The Book of Job allows us to examine these and other critical issues regarding pain and suffering.

To schedule any of these audio-visual seminars at your church, club, home or place of business, email or call him at 206-459-4474