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FOUR STEPS TO REALIZING YOUR INTENTION: From the myth of Perseus, we discover the four universal steps to discovering your personal vision and achieving your intention.

THINK IT, SPEAK IT, WRITE IT: It is not enough to know about the Power of Intention. There are certain practical tools to actually Practice the Power of Intention. This CD examines modern scientific evidence demonstrating how these tools work and how to apply them.

WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE QUITTING: The work of Intention can be discouraging at times. This talk will encourage you to get back on track and be persistent and insistent about achieving your intended vision.

CHAOS: DON’T GIVE UP!: Every great relationship and every exceptional community, whether ‘spiritual’ or ‘secular’, goes through four distinct stages of development, including a time of necessary chaos. Learn how to go through and beyond chaos into compassionate community.

DIVINE RESENTMENT: If It is ALL God, then even the so called negative experiences contain the Divine Presence. Learn how resentment always contains a gift, and that forgiveness will not arrive until that gift is acquired.

DIVINE ABANDONMENT: We have all had those days, months or years when the Presence of God feels a million light years away. Learn why it is necessary to experience the ‘feeling’ of divine absence which often feels like Divine Abandonment.

JESUS THE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER: In the famous Temptation of Jesus story, we find the four primary human motivators discussed. All four are good, but one is primary.

MOSES, JESUS AND MOHAMMED ON MONEY: Each of these religious teachers spoke about money and the role it plays in human life. Learn what they have to say about money.

JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS: The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is a Jewish myth about humans trying to know everything, including those events that we call tragic. This talk reminds us that we seldom know ‘what we think we know’.

THE END OF RELIGION – JESUS THE HUMANIST: Jesus did not primarily identify himself as a Jew or Christian, but as the ‘Son of Man’. In other words, as a human being. It is time to move beyond sectarian religion to a universal recognition of humanity.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, George and Ringo:  God works in every age, not just the ‘sacred past’ to bring about psycho-spiritual growth. Listen to how The Beatles were agents of spiritual transformation in the 20th century and beyond.


  1. BEYOND THE DAVINCI CODE: GNOSTICISM: This double CD set explores Dan Brown’s novel by looking at his claims to fact, and explores the ancient Christian Gnostics. If you want to know more about Gnostics and Gnosticism, you’ll enjoy this. $10.00 plus S&H

To order, send your name, address and title of CD to